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Performance-Driven TikTok
Advertising Agency

We fuel your TikTok ads through the power of micro-influencer generated content. Maximize your ROAS and lower your CPA with the fastest-growing social media platform

Why Advertise on TikTok?

TikTok advertising is an effective way for brands to build their brand natively through competitive CPM, and audience-specific targeting. As a TikTok marketing agency, we will help you get the best of TikTok as a platform.

Our Edge

As an influencer marketing agency and TikTok ads Agency, PopTiktok Agency has access to a vast micro-influencer network to generate top-notch UGC content at scale while ensuring the visual match your target audience criteria. We are a social media marketing agency that puts content creation a the heart of our process.

Fully managed content production

Hand us your audience target in terms of demographic, geographic and lifestyle. Our team hand-picks and vets the best top creators that fit your niche best to create the most exquisite content library and innovative marketing strategies,


Increase ad spends on winning campaigns and enter new markets through new insights. Get the most out of your Paid Media Advertising with high-performing marketing funnel on every marketing platform. We adapt the content for other platforms (Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook ads) to scale our budget.


Our marketing experts test and optimize our campaigns based on your KPIs to ensure that you are maximizing your return on ad spend. We edit winning ads to create high-performing variations. We collaborate with our top creators to generate a library of high-performing ads.

Creative research

Study competitors and parallel industries to gain insights on top-performing social media marketing and ad concepts.

Detailed reporting

Get thorough and comprehensive performance reporting briefs to understand where your money is spent and take the pulse of your overall performances.

Conversion driven

With the help of our in-house conversion experts, we enhance our creators content to get better conversion optimization and meet your business objectives.

TikTok is Different

Leverage TikTok’s unique identity through influencer-generated content creation. Media buying powered by homegrown, user-centric content outperforms professional content.

Benefit from the experience of talented marketers who have figured out TikTok’s advertising platform.

Work with the best TikTok content creators

If you are working with paid media advertising, you know that content is key. With our fully managed content production process, we hand-pick the top creator and identify the top performing creative quickly to double down on them and get more results.

Rapid Growth to meet your business goals

We’ve worked successfully with many trusted companies to scale their TikTok Advertising campaigns. Poptiktok helps you make Tiktok a successful channel through the data we have gathered from thousands of variartions of creative assets.

Get the most out of your paid media

Tailored Targeting

Ads can be tailored based on demographics, geography, language, and interests. Using Audience Fit, Lookalike Audiences, and Pixel Audiences, create specialized audiences that better fit your unique selling proposition.

Ongoing performance-based optimization

Keep track of your performances and make adjustments to your deliverability based on them. With our ongoing TikTok ad experience, you can reach your KPI and reach your target audience.

Realtime Monitoring and Reports

Keep an eye on your performances and spending and take advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained from our previous engagements as a digital marketing firm.

Reach engaged customers

Deliver a clear message to an audience of engaged Gen-Z and Millennial users with buying power.

Growth. Innovation. Reliable

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use TikTok advertising?

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media channel. It is the ideal place to target a Gen Z audience and collaborate with thousands of top-notch creators to endorse your brand. Our influencers work as a team of creatives who master this channel. This platform can help you reach more customers on entering a new target market.

Can TikTok Ads drive more sales?

Whether you are considering conversions as sales (e-commerce brands or DTC brands) or app installs, TikTok is one of the top media to feature your ads on and drive more results. At Poptiktok Agency, we’ve helped multiple companies scale their TikTok ads and run campaigns with a really healthy ROAS.

Is TikTok right for my company?

TikTok is best-suited for companies that are targeting a younger audience. This social media channel has more than 1 billion monthly active users. So you are missing out if you are not incorporating it into your marketing channel.

Should I run Facebook Ads or TikTok Ads?

Both platforms can drive results for your business, there is no perfect answer to this without knowing your goals, audience and challenges first. Those two PPC platforms are not mutually exclusive either.

How much should I spend on TikTok Ads?

The minimum campaign budget is $50 daily ($20 daily for the ad group). You can spend significantly more to get more impressions, trafic and conversions.

How can I target a specific audience on TikTok?

TikTok Ads Manager platform let your business target very specific audiences based on the following criteria: location. interest, age, device type, behavior and interactions.